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Boulder AI Case Study

Using AI To Recognize And Track Wildlife

Protecting wildlife is a top concern for a variety of business and government entities. Two of the most difficult aspects of wildlife protection are tracking and recognition. These aspects are difficult for three key reasons:

1. Cost and accuracy concerns. In most situations, experts must estimate wildlife counts. Estimates require considerable time and effort, and by their very nature aren’t 100% accurate.

2. The environment is challenging. Working in the remote areas where wildlife lives can make even the simplest tasks difficult.

3. Available technology is lacking. While there are a number of ingenious systems on the market for tracking and/or identifying wildlife, most of them require tedious and time-consuming manual review.

At Boulder AI, we’ve developed tools to leverage artificial intelligence for recognizing and/or tracking wildlife.

sheep on road

Wildlife and farm animals on the road is a common sight in rural and remote areas.

Fish counting room

Using software developed by Boulder AI, the DNNCam can identify, measure, and count fish by species.

photo of reindeer spotted through AI camera

The DNNCam can identify reindeer and other animals on railroad tracks and notify train operators.

The DNNCam™ For Remote Wildlife Observation

Boulder AI has developed a piece of hardware known as the DNNCam™ which is ideally suited to the tasks of tracking and/or recognizing wildlife.

Essentially, the DNNCam™ is a machine vision camera system that has been “hardened” for use in the real world. It is dustproof and waterproof and can operate in an extreme range of temperatures. It can also operate in isolation, with no need for the electrical grid or high-speed internet access.

Most importantly, the camera also has AI-capable hardware on board, which allows each DNNCam™ to become a self-contained AI device. When used in conjunction with the right AI software, the DNNCam™ can currently:

  • Recognize, measure, and count fish by species (learn more here)
  • Recognize and count reindeer, and locate them near railroad tracks to warn train operators (see here)

But these are just two applications of a technology with limitless possibilities. The DNNCam™ is highly customizable, as it can execute a wide variety of AI software (including popular open-source software).

To learn more about the DNNCam™, Boulder AI, and our wildlife tracking and observation capabilities, contact us using the form below.

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