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Do More With Visual Data

What does a smart city program look like to you? In our view, a successful program has three components:

  1. Automated observation without barriers to implementation
  2. Equipped teams that are empowered to get work done
  3. Optimized public operations that ensure safety and accessibility

This is what Boulder AI does. Using artificial intelligence and our proprietary DNNCam™, we work with local government organizations to monitor and implement solutions for roadways, venues, and worksites among other locations.

Enhance services with real-time data and analytics

Measure Everything and Enhance Services

Because local governments do not have the resources to observe every road and respond to service demands immediately, compromises have been made and priorities have been put on the back burner. The DNNCam and Boulder AI’s smart city solution changes things.

Now, organizations do not need to depend on an IT department or data analysis teams to understand the complex interactions between people, vehicles, and the environment in real time.

Make Better Decisions With Data at the Edge

Boulder AI’s smart city solution allows you to zoom in and see what you think you need to see as well as be notified when there’s not something you are aware of. Boulder AI’s smart city program is cloud-agnostic, which means you won’t be limited by up- and down-times.

In fact, it’s as straightforward as implementing a GIS layer to a Google map. At your fingertips, anytime.

Make decisions with better data.
Enhanced response in an emergency

Increase Capabilities

Whether it’s an accident in a busy intersection or vehicle detection in a lot, it doesn’t matter. The DNNCam and Boulder AI’s smart city solution can be tailored to reach your objectives. That means you can now do more than change a light from green to red as an emergency vehicle approaches.

Now you can also notify first responders when pedestrians are up ahead and provide an alternative route that will get them to the scene quicker. This is just one example of how a smart city solution can be customized to do multiple things just like you need it to.

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