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SmartCow and Boulder AI Team Up To Make Malta More Secure

In early 2018, Boulder AI and SmartCow AI in Singapore began working in partnership to create security and service-related monitoring systems for the country of Malta. According to Ravi Kiran, Founder and Lead Engineer of SmartCow, the project is lean to support the small nation’s budget, but it will be powerful.

Using a combination of Boulder AI’s DNNCam, deep learning on NVIDIA DGX1, and SmartCow’s servers, inferencing technology, and deep learning models, the company plans to install 100 DNNCam camera systems in the next four to six months in urban and rural areas of Malta to support critical infrastructure programs. According to SmartCow, the overall system will provide many benefits, but two of the more notable include:

  1. Using automated license plate recognition (ALPR), SmartCow will develop a database of vehicles that pass by a particular camera, or network of cameras, so that law enforcement can easily identify suspicious vehicles when needed.
  2. A more modernized street cleaning method that directs street sweepers directly to areas that need to be cleaned up (will save significant time and money).

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Darren Odom

The founder of Boulder AI, Darren’s engineering resume includes consulting for leading-edge research companies, product design and development, custom software application development, and more. Darren holds numerous patents, and is a recognized expert in the fields of deep learning and AI hardware development.