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What we do

Boulder AI helps companies use computer vision and artificial intelligence to solve problems.

With experience in AI software development, AI hardware design and manufacturing, and AI vision systems design and implementation, we provide technical know-how and services to businesses that want to “see.”

Ready To Integrate Deep Learning Camera Systems

Using our proprietary, customizable vision hardware, we can quickly deploy AI vision technology to solve problems in industry, commerce, and more.

See a full list of our camera system applications here.

Deep Learning Camera
AI Hardware Design and Development

Vision Systems Hardware Design & Development

Our hardware design services run the gambit. For some clients, we’re called upon to develop a completely customized system for gathering data in hostile environments.

For other clients, we’re asked to integrate a collection of systems that were not designed for integration.

Whatever the challenge, Boulder AI has a wealth of experience in vision systems design and development. From concept and design to prototype to manufacturing and testing, we can tackle AI hardware systems.

Vision Algorithm and Software Development

At Boulder AI, we develop and train AI software that can see the world. Because of our experience developing and deploying AI vision system hardware, we bring more to the table than a typical AI software development firm.

We work with most AI software languages and APIs, and our knowledge of hardware ensures that our software won’t put your hardware development team in a pickle.

AI Algorithm Development
Full Service and Support

Full Vision Systems Development

When vision systems solve a business problem, they do so as a complete system – not a hodgepodge.  At Boulder AI, we create complete systems.

One of the biggest challenges in the field of artificial intelligence is the relative lack of experience with integration. Software and algorithm developers may excel at one task, but be completely ignorant of hardware requirements. AI hardware developers can deliver a great device, but don’t offer any sort of software integration.

And very few companies offer to deploy and then help service the AI systems they create.

At Boulder AI, we do all of the above.

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