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DNN-Node V4.6



The Deep Neural Network Node, or DNN-Node enables older network cameras to compute at the edge in tedious, dangerous and subjective visual tasks such as counting, sorting, and observational reporting. It is the same tech found in the DNNCam, just without the camera. 

This powerful device is an ultra power efficient, supercomputing camera with special functions designed for extremely rugged environments. It contains all necessary elements to sample enormous high resolution scenes, reduce the data through deep learning (Caffe, Tensorflow, TensorRT, CuDNN), and store or transmit highly reduced, contextual information.

Built on Nvidia

The GPU can leverage the massive Nvidia ecosystem- the network effect of several developers working to build upon the latest tech. Take advantage of a decade of work 


  • GPU: Nvidia Tegra X2 (Jetson TX2)
  • Comm: Wifi 802.11AC, Bluetooth, CANbus, USB 2.0, USB3.0, Gb Ethernet, 2 Uarts, SPI, I2C
  • Storage: 32GB onboard flash + MicroSD expandable storage + M.2 NVME (Up to 2 TB)
  • Power: PoE+ (up to 30W, 15W nominal)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 6″ square, 2.5″ high. 
  • Environmental: IP67 (water/dust tight. High pressure jet washdown), -20F to 140F ambient air
  • Optional modules:
    • Iridium satellite telemetry modem for world-wide communication.
    • GPS Module 20Hz global position 3m.
    • IMU Module: Inertial measurement unit- anti-tamper,
    • DC power input: 15W, 28-60V input for solar or industrial power.

Ready for the elements:

Each and every DNN-Node is vacuum tested down to -1 ATM (15 PSI) to ensure no leaks in the enclosure. The system is rated to IP-67 (water splashes, dust). However, it can survive in much more harsh conditions. The 15-W power consumption is generally enough to keep the lens defogged in cold conditions.

Thermal design:

The DNN-Node is designed to be passively cooled, using computational fluid dynamics simulation below and direct measurement, the GPU core inside the TX2 system shows a stable temperature of just 27C above ambient. According to the Nvidia Jetson TX2 Thermal Design Guide, the GPU core maximum temperature is 93C. This represents a theoretical maximum ambient temperature of 65C or 149F. Boulder AI publishes the maximum operating temp of the DNN-Node to be 60C (140F).

Modular architecture:

The DNN-Node is a modular system. Inside, the camera consists of a series of building blocks that enable it to be configurable in many ways.

Volume pricing :

The price listed is the unit price to 10 units, volume budgetary pricing above 10 units is as follows:

10+ units $1499 /ea

100+ units $1299 /ea

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