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Boulder AI is a world leader in artificial intelligence vision systems, with cutting edge AI camera hardware designed to solve real-world problems.

All our hardware features:

  • Integrated AI processing capability, for maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Rugged designs that function in the real-world
  • Compatibility with the largest possible range of AI software and programming languages

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The DNNCam™ – At-the-Edge Intelligence in a Small, Ruggedized Package

Rugged and ultra power efficient, the DNNCam™ features on-board processing and top-grade specs. The DNNCam is a one-of-a-kind deep neural net camera system.

Designed for the real world, the DNNCam™ contains all necessary elements to sample enormous high-resolution scenes, boil down the data through deep learning, and store or transmit highly reduced, contextual information.

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The 100MegaPixel DNNCam™, enabled by Entropix

All of the sophisticated engineering and horsepower of the DNNCam combined with the 100MP super resolution of Entropix dual sensors.

The DNNCam™ with 100 MegaPixel super resolution allows for visual AI in the most challenging ranges.

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The DNN Node™ – Add AI To Your RTSP IP Camera System

Add AI capabilities to your existing RTSP/IP camera system with the DNN Node™. Easier to install than a new server, and less costly too.

Designed to add capability to an existing IP camera/RTSP video system, the DNN Node™ is an alternative to an expensive (and difficult to manage) dedicated server.

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The DNN Node

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