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Boulder AI Case Study

Modernizing Street Sweeping With AI

One of the great things about AI vision systems – and also one of the challenges – is that the technology’s applications are almost limitless. When we approach a new opportunity, we always ask the same questions:

  • What problem needs to be solved?
  • How can we use AI vision systems to solve the problem?
  • Will our technology save time and money?

Which brings us to street cleaning

Many cities struggle to manage street litter, and local governments typically do not have the resources to send a street sweeper down every single city street on a daily or weekly basis.

If you’re thinking that this is a problem an AI vision system could solve, you’re right.

Street cleaning

Using our DNNCam™ and leveraging the self-contained AI capable hardware, SmartCow AI is developing a system to optimize street cleaning.

SmartCow AI Developing A Street Cleaning Optimization Solution

Singapore-based SmartCow AI – which specializes in providing end-to-end AI driven solutions – is working with our DNNCam™ technology to solve the street cleaning problem.

Instead of assigning street sweepers and maintenance crews to clean streets on an arbitrary schedule, DNNCams with SmartCow AI’s software can be positioned to monitor streets for trash and litter. Once a specific threshold is met, crews can be dispatched.

Additionally, the data gleaned from monitoring litter build-up on streets can be used to develop a more optimal schedule for street cleaning. The result is substantial gains in efficiency, with street cleaning crews and equipment being used to maximum effect.

As one of the leading developers of AI capable machine vision camera systems, Boulder AI is proud to works with software and technology companies around the globe. If your company is interested in leveraging our hardware to develop new service offerings, please contact us using the form below.

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