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Boulder AI Case Study

Live Map Parking Lot Occupancy With The DNNCam™

Whether it’s a flat parking lot or a multi-level parking garage, finding a place to park in a crowded environment can be time-consuming, stressful, and even a safety issue. This is a challenge the commerce industry, all employers, and local governments should look to solve.

Many have tried to remedy the parking conundrum with solutions based on video recording systems and/or sensors, but those solutions are lacking for a number of reasons.

  1. Poor visibility. Poor lighting, posts, walls, and other obstructions, as well as low-quality camera technology, all prevent facility and IT departments from clearly seeing how traffic flows and where to find those empty parking spots.
  2. Data management challenges. While IoT makes it easier to store, analyze, and view video footage, someone still has to monitor the information that requires many megabytes of data storage.
  3. Expensive to implement. Relatively new sensor technology showed promise, but the cost to deploy sensors in every parking spot (to indicate when a spot is empty) is not only resource-intensive but also fails to monitor pedestrian and vehicle behavior.

Boulder AI has developed a system that replaces traditional video recording and sensor technology for a fraction of the cost.

Monitoring parking lot occupancy in real time is easy with AI vision systems, and more affordable than traditional solutions.

Map a parking lot in real time with the DNNCam

The DNNCam™ For Mapping Vehicle Data And More

Boulder AI has developed a solution that does not require massive deployment or data storage. It doesn’t even require the help of an IT department to manage.

Instead, the DNNCam provides a system at-the-edge to do more than previous parking lot/garage monitoring systems could provide thanks to AI technology.

  • A single camera monitors parking occupancy up to 60 spots at a time
  • A network of DNNCams allows operators to track traffic flow in real time and/or over a period of time with ease
  • Using artificial intelligence, the DNNCam can index vehicle occupancy, identify make and model, as well as detect the demographic, age, and mood of passengers

With the DNNCam and Boulder AI’s smart city solution, you can simply create a parking model in GIS view to reveal parking occupancy at any given moment. Plus, the capability is not limited to identifying parking spot availability or traffic flow. The data produced by the DNNCam can be central to safety initiatives, marketing campaigns, and more.

Real-time visualization and analytics for smarter parking lot and parking garage management.

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