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DNNCam Applications


The DNNCam™ is a fog computing camera ideally suited to working outdoors:

  • Wildlife counting and identification applications, from counting and identifying fish underwater to herds of elk in the middle of winter
  • With an IP67 rating, the DNNCam can work in wet, dirty, or anywhere in between
  • The low power and data transmission requirements of the DNNCam make it an ideal device for working ‘off the grid,’ in areas without high-speed Internet access
Middle of nowhere is no problem.
Remote oil well
Industry, anywhere


DNNCam™ excels at high-speed sorting, irregular materials inspection, monitoring materials, and other standard industrial implementations of AI. This is because the DNNCam™ features an onboard GPU, the NVIDIA TX2.

However, unlike most deep learning camera systems, DNNCam™ is IP67 rated. You can drop our camera in nearly any environment, and it will function reliably. Very few camera systems offer the durability of our device.

As an AI camera ideally suited for fog computing, the DNNCam™ can be deployed in areas without easy access to electrical power or the Internet. Setup in the middle of a construction site, garbage dump, oil field, a remote region of arctic Norway, etc.


In the area of deep learning, commercial applications are the most explored. Some common commercial applications include:

  • Advertising gaze/engagement analysis
  • Retail demographic and regular customer recognition
  • Parking lot license plate monitor and customer name lookup
  • Department store heat map, customer flow, and wait times
  • Automatic register open/shutdown and employee activity monitoring
Grocery store produce
Commercial applications are nearly unlimited.
Research vessel

Science and Research

The processing power of the onboard NVIDIA TX2 GPU in the DNNCam™ makes it an ideal component for researchers developing a system to measure or instrument an experiment or research project.

Additionally, Boulder AI has experience working with major research organizations, and can customize the DNNCam™ to specific purposes.