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DNNCam Applications

AI Vision In Nearly Any Environment

The DNNCam™ is a fog computing AI capable camera that’s ideally suited for working outdoors:

  • With an IP67 rating and -20 to 140°F operating temperature range, the DNNCam™ can work in wet, dirty, or anywhere in between
  • The low power and data transmission requirements of the DNNCam™ make it ideal for quick, serverless installation
  • Whether mounted on a building roof or installed in an empty lot, the DNNCam™ is easy to work with

In the City

With a wide range of AI Vision capabilities, the DNNCam™ can “see” far more than a typical camera. From simple license plate reading, to finding empty parking spaces, to providing vital data to leaders in an emergency, DNNCam™ is a powerful tool.

Research and Custom Applications

The processing power of the onboard NVIDIA TX2 GPU in the DNNCam™ makes it an ideal component for researchers, as well as custom application development. If you’re a researcher interested in leveraging our technology – or a custom application developer looking for hardware that you can “plugin” to your AI application – please contact us.