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computing at the edge

Pros and Cons of Fog Computing Cameras

As hardware advances and processing power increases, there’s growing interest in processing data “at the edge” rather than sending data back to a central point “in the cloud.” The interest is driven by a lot of different desires: data processing and storage reductions, performance, and greater autonomy.

Many people have begun to refer to this processing at the edge as “fog computing,” and in this article, we’ll dive into what that term really means, as well as what it means for AI vision systems.

What’s Inside Our New DNNCam? Learn About The Hardware.

The DNNCam is BoulderAI’s proprietary deep neural net camera system. The camera contains all elements needed to sample very large high-resolution scenes, synthesize the data through deep learning, and then store or transmit contextualized data. While it is a small device in size, the DNNCam is very large in power. In this post, we dissect the elements of the camera’s hardware.

Fish counting thru glas

Using AI and the DNNCam To Count Fish

If you’ve never heard the term “fish census,” you might not realize that various government regulations require dam operators to count fish. Basically, you can’t operate certain types of dams in the United States without providing a way for fish to cross the dam (known as a ‘fish ladder’).