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Boulder AI Case Study

Integrating AI Vision Systems Into Existing Services and Devices

As both established companies and startups seek to leverage artificial intelligence technology, a classic question is asked over and over again: Should we develop our own solution, or borrow someone else’s?

While there can be no single answer to this question, we think that borrowing is vastly superior to development when it comes to AI vision systems. We say this because:

  1. AI vision systems have a steep learning curve.
  2. AI vision hardware selection changes software requirements, and vice versa.
  3. It’s usually cheaper to license technology than it is to reinvent it.

At Boulder AI, we offer these “off the shelf” AI vision systems, and we’re happy to help with integration.


The DNNCam is a self-contained AI vision system device. We offer licensing and integration assistance for this device (and others in development).

bext360 Licenses Boulder AI Hardware For Novel Coffee Bean ID System

bext360 is a startup that hopes to streamline the supply chain in one of the world’s most valuable commodites: coffee. They’ve developed a device (the bextmachine) that can analyze coffee cherries in the field, determine their quality quickly and accurately, and offer an on-the-spot electronic payment directly to the coffee farmer. The cherries can then be processed with full knowledge of their origin, an increasingly important piece of information for consumers who want to know where their food comes from.

The bextmachine is a complex device with a lot of different functions, and each function requires considerable development. Rather than attempt to develop a rugged vision system for the bextmachine, bext360 has leveraged the technology behind our DNNCam™ for their device.

At Boulder AI, we’re happy to help both startups and established companies leverage our technology to create their next device or service. Contact us using the form below to learn more about licensing, as well as our integration services.

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