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About Us

Who we are, and why we do what we do.

We make AI hardware and the software to hold it together.

A.I. offers a new paradigm in extraction of data from the visual world. Our cameras are built around the Nvidia GPU, so they are powerful, generalists, and enable the community of developers to get their model out into the world.

If data is the new oil, then we are the pump-jack. 

NVIDA Partners
Works well with Nvidia

We have strategically aligned with Nvidia. As Jetson Ecosystem Partners, we have built on the massive ecosystem and software tools that Nvidia has invested in for over a decade. Our devices are generalists. Our software meshes with Nvidia Deepstream, CUDA, and can ship with Jetpack.

Plays nice with the cloud.

We help data utilities and cloud providers sample visual data without having to send it all up to the cloud. We also skip the on-prem server because the server is inside of each camera.

Hardware + Software = Amazing

Boulder AI makes great hardware for the real world, but we also make all of the software that connects devices to the cloud.  From asset management, zero network config, over the air updates, and agnostic IoT to cloud, the software is just as innovative as the hardware.

Our Team


Bryan Schmode

Bryan Schmode is CEO & Chairman of the Board of Boulder AI.

Bryan Schmode is CEO & Chairman of the Board of Boulder AI, an award-winning, privacy-focused artificial intelligence software & hardware company founded in 2017. Bryan has 20+ years of leadership and start-up company experience. He was the former Chief Operating Officer of Avigilon Corporation and drove that company from a pre-revenue start-up to a large successful publicly traded company. Bryan was also involved with other pre-revenue start-ups that went on to successful equity events during his tenure.


Darren Odom

An experienced engineer, Darren is an expert in deep learning and hardware development.

Darren Odom is CTO of Boulder AI, an award-winning, privacy-focused artificial intelligence camera company he founded in 2017. Darren’s engineering background is diverse and adept in bringing real products to market in short periods of time. Results-driven, highly iterative management style is a skill that he learned in a decade of engineering consulting. Today, his focus is bringing the control of visual data out of the cloud and back to the hands of the true owners.


Adam Smith

Adam Smith, CFO

Adam Smith is a seasoned CFO and executive coach with over 20 years of experience. Adam began his career in investment banking at Credit Suisse where he assisted small and large companies with their IPO, M&A, capital raise, and leveraged buyout needs. Adam has held numerous senior corporate finance and accounting positions at Intel, KPMG, IBM, and at small technology and manufacturing companies. Adam has been the CFO and Treasurer of high tech firms in the SaaS, HR software, SMS, and medical device manufacturing industries.
Adam’s expertise includes financial strategy, reporting, modeling, forecasting, budgeting, pricing, valuation, new product launches, capital raising, and mergers and acquisitions.
Adam has a CPA, and earned his MBA and bachelor degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Arizona, where he was awarded Business Student of the Year.


Dan Connors

Boulder AI's advisory board member, Dan Connors, PhD, Advisor

Boulder AI’s advisory board member, Dan Connors, PhD, is Head of the Computer Engineering Program in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado in Denver and founder of Avout Education Development Technologies. He has received a number teaching honors including an Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award in 2012, has authored nearly $1 million in research grants, and has created dozens of articles and presentations based on his research.

Dan’s area of interest includes Systems (computer architecture, embedded system design, and fault tolerance), Software (programming languages, parallel processing, compilers), and Scientific Computation (high-performance computing). He received his BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Andy Goldstein

Andy Goldstein, Advisor

Boulder AI’s advisory board member, Andrew “Andy” Goldstein, has more than 40 years experience in the commercialization of technology in the data storage, optical telecommunication, cleantech, and medical device industries. His work has included executive positions in engineering, quality manufacturing, marketing, and materials for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. Andy most recently worked as an independent consultant, as the COO of KMLabs, and as the COO of TerraLUX Inc.

In all, Andy has worked on developing more than 50 products that generated over $1 billion in revenue. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and has been awarded four patents.


Dr. Peter Williams

Dr. Peter Williams, Advisor

Boulder AI’s newest advisory board member, Dr Peter Williams has over 30 years’ experience advising technology companies. By background a strategy and process consultant, he was formerly the CTO of IBM’s “Big Green Innovations” unit, where he played a major role in the development of IBM’s “smarter planet” businesses in the areas of environmental management, water management, smart cities and disaster resilience. Most recently he focused on the applications of big data, IOT, AI, blockchain and digital twinning to public infrastructure and public services; and on playing the lead author role for the UN City Disaster Resilience Scorecard, now used by over 200 cities globally.
Peter was accorded the honor of being named an IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2009, and also lectured at Stanford University for several years on Smart Cities and Communities. Having retired from IBM in 2018, today he is an independent consultant working on the application of information and data technologies to water, smart cities and disaster resilience with governments, NGOs and their vendors. He is also a regular judge on VC competitions and and he also advises several start-ups. A native of the UK, he has lived in the US since 1999, and is married with three adult children. His PhD was awarded from the University of Bath, England.

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